Gaming that Takes Racing from

to Real

Auto racing delivers a high-octane experience for those lucky enough to own a race car, a helmet, and a healthy disregard for danger. Now, with D3 Esports, everyone has the opportunity to feel the rush of high-speed racing — in real life.

How to Play

Each month, drivers will submit time trials racing on a given track with a specific car. At the end of the month, the top drivers on the leaderboard will compete in race to determine the monthly champion, dubbed the Showdown Series.


Step 1 Sign up for a D3 Esports account

Step 2 Race on the monthly track with the given car to land one of the fastest trial times

Step 3 At the end of each month, the top six drivers with the best time trials will compete in a final race to determine the monthly champion

Our real races are in partnership with Dawson Racing with Ligier and Radical. Sponsors gain access to the real team through the Virtual Championship to maximize exposure.

In the sim.
In real life.

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Sponsors and Advertisers

Why Racing?

  • Largest sports demographic in the world
  • Real time statistics
  • Largest invested-in sport
  • Target market for influencers worldwide

How Sponsors Leverage

  • Sponsoring a D3 Esports race car, game, and/or race can bring a more cost-effective return for less money than similar live sporting events
  • D3 Esports partner sites will be introduced around the world with our partners in airports, shopping malls, and campuses
  • Performance Driving School will also be offered through Visit D3 Brands tourism partners around the world
More About Sponsorships

The most connected racing experience anywhere


Case Study

Dawson Racing

  • Dawson Racing is the first team to sign up with D3 Esports becoming the pioneer in the virtual path from esports athlete to racecar driver
  • The company has a real race team with over 50 years combined experience and 19 Le Mans entries, five podiums, three class wins, and a championship in Formula 1 and World Sports Cars
  • They will offer the best esport athletes a place on their virtual team, which will also see some of their real drivers on the team on the road to Le Mans
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