Driver vehicle systems and setup

In my day it was 75 percent car and mechanic, 25 percent driver and luck. Today it's 95 percent car.

Juan Manuel Fangio

As a driver you must understand your cars systems and the impact of how they’re setup. In this course, legendary Ian Dawson, will give you a base knowledge you will need as a driver. This will give you the edge on the track and help you understand race requirements.

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Ian Dawson

Ian Dawson's legendary career in motor sports has included positions in Holland, Spain, and France working with the Ford racing team. Returning to England after being offered a position on the new Ford Modus F3000 Team, Ian was then presented with a position at Team Lotus, where he worked with Jackie Ickx, Emerson Fittipaldi, Ronnie Peterson, and progressed on to be car chief on Mario Andretti’s Formula One World Championship winning Lotus.

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